Thank You All

The IOM National Championships held at Two Islands RYC over the last weekend 2-3-4- June 2012 has been won by Peter Stollery the current IOM World Champion and Chairman of the MYA. This was an excellent win for a man that has put so much into radio sailing for the benefit of ALL. Thank you Peter for setting the standard high in everything you do.

Brad Gibson (2nd) too, has put a lot into radio sailing winning several World  and National Championships and now being the designer of possibly the worlds most competitive IOM the BritPop, with 5 of them in the top 10. Well done Brad you are an all round winner and nice guy!

Another past World Champion Mr Bantock (3rd) put on a sterling effort to put his Fraktal through its paces against the BritPop. The fight is on, to close the gap between the two designs. Many the best man win!

Now down to the most important thanks.

Without the tremdious amount of work put in by the organising team and volunteers, the event would not have been as well received as it has been. Thanks must go to the committee members for starting late last year the planning of this event negotiating with the local council, hotel and pub to make the arrangements for the success of social side of the event.

Graham Allen (Chairman), Keith Coxan (Secretary), Bob Lamb (treasurer), Mike Clifton (CM Yachts), Clive Tappenden and Lynne Rowcroft, Adrian Brunt, Mike Stevens, Vic Tatman (the Main Man), Fred Finch (Lord Jacket), Darin Ballington, Ian Fosket, Mike Ewart, Alan Pearce (Platinium Man), Fiona King (X), Sarah Stollery, Gordon Sears, David Staniforth and his wife Vicki, Clive Bardell, Anne Dennis, Jackie Hunt, Laurie Brown, Marion Davidson, Bill Green, Mick Shillington, Jack Hitchins and Oliver Stollery (Start box).

The manager and tremendous staff of the restaurant and hotel for looking after of all the skippers and race team in a very professional and friendly way.

Briony Serginson, Head of Community Engagement, The Parks Trust. For the work undertaken around the lake and for all her assistance in allowing the event to take place.

The angling club for allowing us use of the full lake during this weekend.

I believe the bench mark for event standards has been set by the above team. Well done! everyone and thank you for your fantastic efforts over the long weekend to help others

“Thank You”

Graham Allen

PRO & Chairman Two Islands RYC