Be ready for Registration & measurement

It is intended to open the registration around 12pm on Friday 1st June in the marquee by the hotel / pub. Please make sure you have all your documents available.

As part of the registration process the Midland District senior measurer will head a team of measures that will want to weigh the keel on its own and the boat complete in its A rig. You will also be asked to see your battery pack that you will use in the boat. This will be marked on the event registration form for any further checks. Further Random checks will be made during the event.

As a matter of course, the 5th boat out of every heat will  be required to be re weighed straight after the heat has finished.

With the large amount of competitors to process please make sure you arrive early and have everything you need when going to register. Bring your wallet to pay for the fantastic range of food that will be available to book for during the day or at night.

We are looking forward to seeing you all next week

Two Islands Race team